Luscha Baumwald- Breathing exercises won’t prevent Covid, but can certainly help.

The Daily Star presents a short and sharp article that really can help us out in preventing Covid-19.

While Covid-19 presents mild symptoms in many, some cases become severe as respiratory symptoms start to appear. For protection, getting vaccinated is necessary. But if you still cannot get the vaccine, besides wearing masks and following other health guidelines, investing time in breathing exercises that strengthen your lung capacity can help.

Any form of exercise that may lead to you requiring more oxygen than your resting breathing rate can be deemed beneficial. Cycling can be useful, as it requires your whole body to be in motion. It will lead you to breath faster, causing your diaphragm to do double the work.

Cycling can be useful, as it requires your whole body to be in motion.

But if you are not going outdoors, or don’t have a cycle, home breathing exercises are a good start. There are many tutorials on YouTube that can help you out. The breathe-store-exhale three times a day is a good idea.

Breathe-store-exhale three times a day.

The drill is to breathe in through the nose, and let the air sit inside your lungs for 5–10 seconds. Then exhale with ease. Repeating this exercise a few times a day can help clear your nasal pathways. To take this exercise a bit further, you might consider lying face down on your bed, with a pillow pressed against your diaphragm. This way, your lungs can accommodate the most amount of oxygen and that strengthens the capacity to pump in, store, and pump out the air.

See the full Daily Star article here.



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