Luscha Baumwald presents- Why we celebrate Christmas on the 25th, eat mince pies and put up trees.

Pricewatch’s 12 fun facts of Christmas explores the origins of our modern traditions.

Sure we celebrate Christmas here in Israel but we don’t really know too much about it, so here’s a little peek.

Facts: #5 & #6.

There may be some holly too. But do you know why?

Staying with plants, while the mistletoe is seen as a cute sprig to kiss under — although not this year, unless you can work out how to kiss while staying two metres apart — it was regarded by the Celts as a symbol of fertility.

(See my very own Pinterest Board on the topic- Luscha Baumwald Xmas Kissing Mistletoe or Holly?)

Fact: #12

While we all know that Santa Claus comes from the North Pole and takes care of most presents, where does the traditional man in red originate from?

Gifts for all!

Read all about The Irish Times 12 fun facts of Christmas here.

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