Luscha Baumwald- Sleep Well Wednesday.

Take a look at this article and let me know which Aroma works best to get you to sleep at night.

Scent is a powerful sensory experience. If you’re having trouble sleeping these days, you may want to try an essential oil (or blend) to imbue you with relaxation and restful slumber. Our sleep expert Olivia Arezzolo shares her favourites.

Essential oils are all the rage right now — especially with growing awareness they can boost energy, improve sleep and even spruce up your sex life.

As a backstory, essential oils can engage your central nervous system: activating the parasympathetic to promote relaxation, or the sympathetic to stimulate.

And with respect to sleep, yes, lavender is great, ever wondered if there was a blend more targeted for your specific sleep problems — like pre-bed anxiety, nightmares, waking at 3am or morning fatigue?

Well, well, my sleep-deprived friend, wonder no more — that’s what today’s installment of Sleep Well Wednesdays is all about.

1. Lively Living — Meditation

While it may be called ‘Meditation’, this 100 percent certified organic blend doesn’t require you to practice to feel relaxed, the citrus infusion will do that for you.

Research indicates just 90 seconds of sweet orange oil helps decrease arousal in the prefrontal cortex.

As the ‘thinking centre’, this can lessen anxiety that may otherwise prevent you falling asleep.

It also contains mandarin — another anti-anxiety citrus oil recommended by aromatherapists.

Finally, the blend also contains bergamot — shown to improve sleep for 64 percent of individuals in a recent study.

2. Essentially Oil’d Australia — Kidsafe Sweet Dreams

If you are suffering nightmares or night terrors, this synergy is for you.

The hero ingredient here is juniper — a grounding oil shown in clinical trials to reduce unconscious stress — a typical cause of these sleeping problems.

The exotic blend also contains the rare blue tansy and coriander oils — both shown to relax the brain.

Needless to say, this oil should be your go-to for nightmares, night terrors, and during times of stress.

So which is it?

Lavender, or Juniper, Sandalwood, or Rose Geranium?

Breathing is what we do to stay alive, and yet…how many of us do it properly? Aromatherapy builds on correct breathing to introduce aromas-Choose yours!

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