How to sleep: 4–7–8 breathing technique could help you fall asleep in less than 5 minutes.

By BEN CLAXTON Fri, Sep 10, 2021

WHETHER it is the tossing and turning for hours in the apprehension of daylight or finding yourself counting endless sheep, a breathing technique could help you fall asleep quickly.

a breathing technique could help you fall asleep quickly.

The 4–7–8 breathing technique was developed by doctor Andrew Weil, who refers to it as a “natural tranquilliser for the nervous system” that can be used at any time in the day, especially at night to clear the mind.

When practiced regularly, Dr Weil said, it is possible that this technique could help some people fall asleep in a shorter period of time.


By Helina Heinsaar & Richard Reilly.

I recently discovered this amazing study with Rebirthing as the main Well-Being promoting tool! What an incredible approach to helping Immigrants deal with the stress, anxiety and depression. It describes the use of breathing methods as a tool for stress management.

At around the same time, Leonard Orr became a focal figure with his own method known as rebirthing breathwork (also referred to as conscious energy breathing), which concentrated on self-healing and spiritual growth (Cronkleton, 2019). Orr was particularly interested in curing physiological issues through conscious energy breathing.

Curing physiological issues through conscious energy breathing.

He defined the rebirthing breathwork as…

The Daily Star presents a short and sharp article that really can help us out in preventing Covid-19.

While Covid-19 presents mild symptoms in many, some cases become severe as respiratory symptoms start to appear. For protection, getting vaccinated is necessary. But if you still cannot get the vaccine, besides wearing masks and following other health guidelines, investing time in breathing exercises that strengthen your lung capacity can help.

Any form of exercise that may lead to you requiring more oxygen than your resting breathing rate can be deemed beneficial. Cycling can be useful, as it requires your whole body…

4 Tips for Breathing Easier in a Mask.

PEAK FORM MEDICAL CLINIC- Gives us some timely advice, as we don’t seem to be doing too well without masks on, may as well make the best of the situation and breathe the best way that you can.

Because we all need to breathe correctly.

We’re living in unprecedented times, when a face mask has become part of our daily wardrobe. None of us particularly enjoys wearing a mask all day, but we do so to keep ourselves and others safe from a virus notorious for going undetected. With all the mask-wearing, it can feel challenging to breathe deeply or fully. There’s been a lot of talk…

Original article published in UK’s Metro

Grace, balance & beauty- held together with correct Breathing.

We’re living in stressful times.

Levels of anxiety have rocketed due to coronavirus, views on how to best move forward socially are polarised, and after a year of considerable isolation there is a period of adjustment to go through.

When moments of emotional and mental unease hit, it can be hard to know how to work through them.

Breathing exercises — though they’ve become cliché to recommend — have the benefit of requiring nothing but you, your focus, and your breath.

These things will always be with you, and can be part of toolkit…

Why breathing is your superpower.

CNN Report by Dana Santos.

Breath is a powerful force — without it, there is no life.

Wake up call when child is born.

But what you might not realize is that the quality of your breathing directly impacts the quality of your life.

Yawning the morning after.

New research published in The Journal of Physiology shows that researchers have successfully repurposed two existing medications to reduce the severity of sleep apnoea in people by at least 30 per cent.

Affecting around 1.5 million adults in the UK, sleep apnoea is a condition where the upper airway from the back of the nose to the throat closes repetitively during sleep, restricting oxygen intake and causing people to wake as often as 100 times or more per hour.

RT interviews the Extreme Athlete Wim Hof to get his unique perspective on Breathing.

Sophie Shevardnadze: Let’s talk a bit about your breathing method once again. Is there a danger of asphyxiation during these intense breathing sessions?

Wim Hof: No, there is none; if you go controlled, you follow the app, then you are very able to maintain control. Know that this breathing exercise has shown itself in the university to bring down inflammation, which is a disease… inflammatory markers, which cause inflammation, which is a disease, it brings it down, it makes the immune system work better. It brings…

I received so much feedback from the Irish Times post that I am presenting it unedited right here.

Credit where credit is due!

One of the recommended stretching routines before sleep.

Originally published at

CNN Health recently featured a great article about the art of Breathing.

Breath is a powerful force — without it, there is no life.

But what you might not realize is that the quality of your breathing directly impacts the quality of your life.

Breathing plays a vital role in how you think, feel, rest and recover, and it even impacts your posture and movement.

In this four-part series, I’m using my nearly two decades as a breathing and mind-body coach in professional sports to explain breathing’s powerful influence on our lives and share the same techniques I use with…

Luscha Baumwald

Breathing is what we do to stay alive, and yet…how many of us do it properly? Aromatherapy builds on correct breathing to introduce aromas-Choose yours!

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